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We Are Successful

28.09.2020 16:22

The final meeting of the Women's career club "Window to Success", initiated by America House Kyiv, took place. The club has aroused great interest from the participating women, the town community, and local media throughout its activities. During this meeting, the girls exchanged their success stories and plans for the future. It is very nice that everyone has had positive changes in their professional or personal life. The audience was grateful to Rania Habiby Anderson, author of the book «Undeterred» for teaching them to believe in themselves.

Each member of the club received a certificate from America House Kyiv. It was a great success that our facilitator was Olena Skorobahatko, who was creative in preparing each meeting. She and Anna Skorobahatko, a volunteer photographer of the club, gave each participant a gift - a memorable photo from one of the meetings, and a joint portrait to Window on America in Kherson. All participants wished that such work with active women would continue.


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