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We Study English in the Library

16.06.2021 12:08

Everyone will agree that English is necessary in today's world. About 1.5 billion people speak this language, and another 2 billion learn it. In terms of popularity, English is one of the top three, after Chinese and Spanish. Our users who attend courses for beginners in the library understand well the importance of this language. During the study, we learned the rules of reading, necessary tense forms, developed the ability to catch what we hear, and, most important, tried to speak in short monologues and dialogues.

Learning a foreign language is exciting, especially if you understand the history of a rule. For example, irregular verbs seem to be made up to make it harder for us to learn English. It was the other way around. These verbs came into the language from Old English. When William the Conqueror conquered England in the 11th century and brought the Norman language, people did not want to complicate their lives. They just kept talking as usual. As a result, some verbs retained their old forms, but most began to change according to new rules.

So, we congratulate our visitors who completed the course and went on summer vacation. We will be glad to see our old and new friends in September!


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