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We Will Rock You in the Library

02.03.2020 09:32

The visitors of the next meeting of the Speaking club at ‘Window on America’ center in Kherson spoke about the history and different types of rock music. But most of all they wanted to dance. It is impossible not to dance while listening to Chuck Berry's song "Johnny B. Goode". In 2017 this song was sent into space by NASA on a golden record as the perfect example of “rock n’ roll”.
Rock music is very popular. Did you know that the band ‘Led Zeppelin’ was and stays the record holder for the album sales? In 1999 alone, they had 94 ‘platinum’ albums! The club members mentioned famous English-speaking singers, and Sarah Rosenthal, U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine volunteer, spoke about the most famous American rock bands and Elvis Presley, a rock and roll legend. Finally, the attendees had a very interesting task: they chose contemporary songs in Ukrainian, translated a few lines in English, and others had to guess what the song was and who was singing it.


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