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We are what we read

10.06.2019 13:47

Ray Douglas Bradbury was an American author and screenwriter. It took Bradbury just nine days to write Fahrenheit 451 — and he did it in the basement of the UCLA library on a rented typewriter. The life of foreign writers is fascinating and therefore the literary rebus «Book stories or stories about books» enjoys particular popularity in Kherson Window on America. In the framework of Summer language camp, students of Kherson Specialized School No. 54, who came to our department, played various games, for example «True or False», «The rhymes for choose», «Who am I?». The new method “Six Thinking Hats” can help participants to look at problems from different perspectives, but one at a time, to avoid confusion from too many angles crowding your thinking. The participants must choose one of the hats and talk about a given topic. Each "Thinking Hat" is a different style of thinking. The event helped to test the knowledge of English.

Svetlana Kikhtenko, a career guidance trainer, was invited to the meeting and she conducted the game «Choose your ship of life».


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