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What Celebrates Veterans Day?

09.11.2020 11:07

A regular meeting of the English Speaking club took place at Window on America Center in Kherson. Our visitors talked about their favorite holidays with the new facilitator, Svitlana Zorina. Tom Laughlin and Francisco Santillan, guests of the club, told about American national holidays. The attendees learned what Veterans Day and Thanksgiving mean. By the way, it was Sarah Josepha Hale who used her persuasive writings to support the creation of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Beginning in 1846, she charged the president and other leading politicians to push for the national celebration of Thanksgiving, which was then only celebrated in the Northeast. While the nation was in the middle of the Civil War, President Lincoln signed into action ‘A National Day of Thanksgiving and Praise.’ Hale’s letter to Lincoln is often cited as the main factor in his decision. The visitors also shared their favorite family holidays and agreed that it is New Year or Christmas for most of them.


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