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14.12.2019 16:48

The first meeting of the Women's career club "Window to Success" initiated by America House in Kyiv, was held at "Window on America" in Kherson. Today the participants got acquainted with Elena Skorobogatko, the club's facilitator, with Rania Andersen's book and with each other. We are very fortunate because the women - club members are different in professions and attitudes. At the same time, they are all active, responsible and ready to develop their leadership and professional skills. The participants formulated the rules for effective communication during the meetings. Elena told about online-meeting with Rania Habiby Anderson, the author of the book, and about what Rania thinks the most important in her work. The holidays are approaching, so one of the participants, Julia Baluda, a puppet artist, showed the Christmas toys created by her. They are made in papier-mache technique from environmentally friendly recyclables. Each of the attendees received the books for reading "Undeterred: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies" and manuals for them. We will meet in a month!


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