• Types of Questions at the English Grammar Club

    03.04.2021 15:30 

    What to do when there are too many questions? Window on America in Kherson suggests you enjoy delicious tea and study the types of questions in English. They are: 1. General Questions 2. Special Questions 3. Alternative Questions 4. Disjunctive Questions 5. Subject questions (Who…? ...

  • Let Dreams Come True

    30.03.2021 12:35 

    Every adult, as well as every teenager, has the greatest desire. «Frank the Fish Gets His Wish» is a fascinating story about a fish whose dream came true despite some troubles. The participants of the online Reading club at Window on America in Kherson found the tale informative. It motivated ...

  • What Age Is Best? Tell About It in English

    29.03.2021 13:02 

    The topic of «The Age» raised interesting, lively, and fun discussion during the Speaking Club «English for Everyone» at Window on America in Kherson. Each participant answered the questions of Svitlana Zorina, the club's facilitator, namely: - What age is best for you ...

  • The English Grammar Club Continues Its Work

    27.03.2021 14:08 

    Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense was the subject of the Grammar club at Window on America in Kherson. There is no such thing as continuous (extended) tense in the Ukrainian language, so this topic sometimes causes difficulties. But we have доконаний та недоконаний спосіб (perfect and imperfect ...

  • How Women Can Achieve Personal and Professional Success

    21.03.2021 15:55 

    The second round of the Women's career club «Window to Success» started at Window on America in Kherson. This time, twice as many women with two facilitators in two groups will learn to be undeterred. The idea of the club came from the America House in Kyiv, and the book, that the participants ...

  • Quantifiers in English

    20.03.2021 17:03 

    At first, it seemed to those present during Grammar club at Window on America in Kherson that the topic of «Quantifiers» was new to them. But in a few minutes, we realized that the quantifiers are words that are used with nouns to show the amount of something. Some popular quantifiers are ...

  • Digest for English Language Speakers

    15.03.2021 13:52 

    For English language lovers, we have prepared a weekly digest of club meetings at Window on America in Kherson. Each of these meetings brought participants new knowledge, impressions, and the opportunity to improve their English. The English Grammar club was dedicated to an interesting topic - personal ...

  • English Spring

    09.03.2021 13:43 

    The first spring week has started in the Kherson center Window on America. Our visitors continue to improve their English knowledge in classes and clubs of interest, and young online readers pleasantly surprise us with their thirst for knowledge. The spring sun inspires us for new achievements and accomplishments. ...

  • Tests, Certificates, and English Language

    01.03.2021 14:37 

    Graduates of all schools are now preparing for passing the resulting exam ZNO-2021. Passing these tests is a significant stage for the youth of Ukraine, which will allow choosing the desired education. So the members of the speaking club English for Everyone at Window on America in Kherson discussed ...

  • If You Could Travel, Where Would You Go?

    27.02.2021 15:33 

    The members of the English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson studied the types of Conditionals in English. Conditionals or 'if clauses' are subordinate clauses with conjunctions if, when, whether. At the next meeting, we considered the peculiarities of using four (!) types of Conditionals. ...


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