• We Study English in the Library

    16.06.2021 12:08 

    Everyone will agree that English is necessary in today's world. About 1.5 billion people speak this language, and another 2 billion learn it. In terms of popularity, English is one of the top three, after Chinese and Spanish. Our users who attend courses for beginners in the library understand well ...

  • Come to the «Easy English for Kids» speaking club and get «Like»

    15.06.2021 11:15 

    A few years ago, French engineers presented a 'smart umbrella' which warns the owner about the weather changes. Fifteen minutes before the rain, its pen flashes blue. The gadget receives information by connecting to an Internet app. This summer, many Kherson residents would find useful such a ...

  • Good Habit to Speak English

    14.06.2021 14:51 

    Most likely, you know Mark Twain’s quote: «Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times». How many times have you promised yourself to spend less time on social networking sites or start doing morning exercises since Monday? ...

  • Ways to Accelerate Success

    14.06.2021 11:49 

    What helps us to accelerate our success? The fifth habit of Rania Anderson's book «Undeterred» involves this topic. The members of the women's career club at Window on America in Kherson read about the strategies suggested by the author and tried them on themselves. They analyzed ...

  • How We Perfected the Perfect Tenses

    12.06.2021 15:21 

    The English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson continues to revise the Perfect verb tenses. This time participants practiced Past Perfect which helps to talk about time up to a certain point in the past. It is also called the pluperfect and sounds confusing, but the club members quickly dealt ...

  • Seven Weathers Outside

    09.06.2021 15:57 

    Games and competitions are popular among students of all ages, especially among children. The young users who recently visited the Window on America center and took part in a contest. The children completed the tasks successfully because they did well during the year, and the topic «Nature, Weather» ...

  • When Learning Stops

    09.06.2021 10:04 

    What is the best idea to do when you finish school? We believe that the best is to take part in an intellectual competition or quiz altogether. Therefore high school students visited Window on America. They played Mind Battle, showed their logic, thinking, and imagination. The topics of the competitions ...

  • Favorite Topics for Speaking English

    08.06.2021 15:43 

    We congratulate us all on the beginning of summer and vacations! Although the weather still leaves much to be desired, it cannot spoil our mood. Summer vacation became the main speaking topic for young English lovers at Window on America in Kherson. Easy English for Kids club meeting was fun and engaging. ...

  • The British Speak about the Weather, so We Did

    07.06.2021 15:06 

    According to statistics, nine out of ten Britons have spoken about the weather in the last six hours. Although our English Speaking club members talked about the summer vacation, they mentioned the cyclone in our country. Do you like the weather this summer? Does everyone love summer, and why? Or ...

  • Such a Mysterious Present Perfect

    05.06.2021 14:29 

    It is never too late to revise Present Perfect again, - believe members of the English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson. It was at their request that we returned to this topic. This tense has no analog in the Ukrainian language, but English speakers use it frequently. Together we repeated ...


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