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Women in Science

26.03.2020 10:54

Rachel Ignotofsky, a writer and New York Times illustrator, published her first book ‘Women in Science’ to spread her message about powerful women and their significant influence. ‘Women rock!’ she says and confirms her thoughts with the history of 50 researchers from various fields of science and technology, including such famous personalities as Marie Curie and Hedy Lamarr. We know less about Mae K. Jemison, astronaut, educator, and doctor. Mae Jemison is a good example of a woman who followed her passions and realized her childhood dreams. She became a medical doctor and an astronaut. She worked in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone and Liberia for several years. Mae applied to NASA and became the first African-American woman in space. Now she founded BioSentient Corporation which creates devices that will allow doctors to monitor patients’ day-to-day nervous system functions.

Interesting information about 49 more women scientists can be found in Rachel Ignotofsky's book ‘Women in Science’, which you can read in the Window on America center in Kherson.


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