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Be Undeterred

19.01.2020 13:05

During the second meeting of the “Window to Success” Women's Career Club, our visitors learned to be undeterred. Rania Habiby Anderson writes that the two parts of being undeterred are an undeterred mindset and clearing obstacles. The Club discussions are based on a book by this American author "Undeterred: The Six Habits of Women in Emerging Economies" and aim to promote Ukrainian women's personal and professional development.

The attendees answered the following questions:

- What are the obstacles women face in their way?

- Why should a woman develop in the modern world? Who gets bonuses from this?

- How can each of us contribute to women's personal development?

- What factors, conditions, contribute to women's personal growth in an emerging economy?

Each visitor spoke about her plans and outlined the challenges she faces. The club members suggested their ideas and used the actions of the author of the book "Undeterred" to solve these issues. Men who agreed to share their thoughts on the issues discussed were also invited to the meeting. Mostly, men and women meet similar obstacles, but sometimes they resolve them differently. At the end of the meeting, the visitors learned to be undeterred by dancing the bachata. Irina Salikhova, a  founder of the RSSalsa Kherson Social Dance Studio, has taught the girls several basic movements.

According to the visitors, the meeting was effective, positive and motivating. Next time, we will talk about confidence, courage, and competence.


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