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The English Grammar Club Continues Its Work

27.03.2021 14:08

Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense was the subject of the Grammar club at Window on America in Kherson. There is no such thing as continuous (extended) tense in the Ukrainian language, so this topic sometimes causes difficulties. But we have доконаний та недоконаний спосіб (perfect and imperfect aspect), and it is almost the same. Here is an example:

Yesterday, I did my housework. -  We say that we finished the housework.

Yesterday, I was doing my housework. - We emphasize the process.

We often use Past Continuous when we want to show that two actions occurred simultaneously, and one of them, a short action (in Past Simple) interrupted a long action (in Past Continuous). If everything is evident with the examples above, it is not the same as combining the two tenses. We have devoted more time to study it, build sentences, and perform tests. After that, we will use these constructions with ease and confidence.


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