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The Mysteries of Stonehenge and Other Historical Monuments

19.04.2021 11:46

The Department of Documents in Foreign Languages has prepared a book exhibition for the International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites. This date aims to preserve and protect cultural and historical sites around the world created by human efforts. 

There are historical monuments that everyone knows. Like, for example, the mysterious Stonehenge. The age of this ancient mystery of Britain ranges from five to fourteen thousand years. Its destination is unknown, but there are many theories. They say that it was a place of Druids' worship, an observatory for astronomical research, a place of healing of the sick, or a cemetery of the local nobility. Another mystery of Stonehenge is its building material; these are sarsen and blue stones. Scientists still have only theories about their transportation. Sarsen stones, for example, weighed an average of 25 tons and were mined 30 km from Stonehenge. The bluestones were mined in South Wales, 300 km from the site. Their weight ranged from 2 to 5 tons.

There are many interesting monuments in the world. In addition to the before-mentioned well-known, there are less famous, but original. For example, Do not cut the branch on which you sit in Amsterdam (Netherlands). This monument literally reflects a proverb.

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