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Passive Voice in English

04.02.2021 16:03

There are topics in English grammar that seem to be clear to us because they have an analog in our native language. In fact, in most cases, outwardly similar constructions have different features and use. During the next meeting of the English Grammar club, we began to study such a topic - Passive voice. The visitors were interested to know that its use in the English language depends on the situation. For example, it is better to use verbs in the passive state:

- if you do not want to blame or discuss someone, but only the action that happened: The apartment was empty and unlocked when I came home.

- if you do not know who did this action: The bicycle was left beside the road.

- if you write a scientific article. The researchers prefer passive constructions, as they focus on the object of study.

Come to the next club meetings if you also want to understand some specific grammatical topic. We will be glad to see you every Thursday at 3 p.m.


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