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Prepositions of Time

09.04.2021 16:29

The grammar of the Ukrainian and English languages is somewhat similar, but some topics are significantly different. One of them is the prepositions because the shades of meaning are significant for the English language. That’s why we devoted a whole meeting of the English Grammar Club at Window on America in Kherson to train the use of prepositions of time. We remembered the most important thing:

«at» is used to indicate the exact time;

«in» is used to tell about months, years, centuries, and long periods;

«on» is used with days and dates.

However, English is not only about rules but also about exceptions. Therefore we learned some fixed constructions, trained to use for, since, during, while, by, etc. We also learned when we don’t use time prepositions at all. Study grammar with us, and you will feel comfortable in any conversation.


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