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Transitive or Intransitive English Verbs

24.04.2021 13:52

At least once in the life, each of us has said: «I'll start doing this on Monday!» And few people actually did it because of a lack of motivation or support and like-minded people. The same is about learning a foreign language. We all want to know at least one foreign language and speak it correctly, without mistakes. The clubs at Window on America can help you with this problem. Even the most complicated grammar topic is easier to learn in a company. Our visitors were not frightened by the transitive verbs or indirect objects. They did exercises and made the sentences in a friendly atmosphere. The next meeting of the Grammar club and the next topic will be on Thursday at 15:00.

We invite those who know English well and want to develop a spoken language to our Speaking club on Sunday at 11! The May holidays are ahead, so follow the library's schedule.