• Let's Talk about the Family and its Values

    18.10.2021 11:13 

    The United States of America is a multinational country whose customs cannot be reduced to a simple list. Every nation has brought something to American culture, especially family traditions. At the next meeting of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson, we compared American and Ukrainian ...

  • Game Day at the Easy English for Kids Speaking Club

    12.10.2021 11:59 

    The Day of Learning Games at the Easy English for Kids speaking club was successful among the visitors. No wonder, because the easiest and most effective way for children to learn is to play. So we talked about our hobbies and favorite pastimes using the board and moving games. The children ...

  • Try to Be «Agony Aunt»

    11.10.2021 10:19 

    Who is an agony aunt? The visitors of the English for Everyone speaking club tried to guess this during the next meeting at Window on America in Kherson. It turned impossible if based on the meaning of the words, so we asked the Cambridge Dictionary. So, an agony aunt is a person, usually a ...

  • Emotions Are the Strongest Motivator

    06.10.2021 10:21 

    They say that emotions are the strongest motivator. And we will add that they are also perfect for motivating English studying. At least, that's what the members of the Easy English for Kids speaking club thought during our Sunday meeting. Have you ever tried to control your emotions? Some researchers ...

  • The Only Way to Gain Knowledge

    04.10.2021 14:35 

    Learning is the only way we can gain new knowledge. As a child, we dedicate at least nine years to this significant stage. Did you notice that most of our school memories are related to teachers we liked or disliked? Indeed, teachers are important in both teaching and education. Since the meeting of ...

  • Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences

    28.09.2021 16:22 

    The knowledge of mathematics is significant in today’s world. Those who want to connect their future job with English or computer science should know mathematical operations and concepts in English. The speaking club «Easy English for Kids» members learned mathematical notions with ...

  • How to Succeed?

    27.09.2021 14:43 

    What is a success? Why do most people fail? Is there a secret way of gaining success? How is it measured? The members of the Speaking club at Window on America in Kherson discussed these and many other issues. The topic was interesting to everyone present because it is a dream for almost each of us. ...

  • The Quest for Success

    24.09.2021 11:16 

    September 24 is the birthday of the famous American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. His works are mostly autobiographical, and the most famous of them is The Great Gatsby. He also wrote several novels and short stories about the American «Jazz Age» of the 1920s. The term «Jazz Age» ...

  • Which Animals Do You Know?

    21.09.2021 13:01 

    It is known that animals cannot talk like humans. But everyone knows that animals can make sounds and communicate through smells. They have a kind of gesture and mimic language. With the help of an audio pen Smart Koala, members of the club "Easy English for Kids" learned to pronounce the ...

  • One Chance to Make a First Impression

    20.09.2021 14:05 

    The saying «You only have one chance to make a first impression» holds true in many situations. First impressions matter so much because they happen fast. We make judgments about other people in a nanosecond. And once that impression is formed, it is very, very hard to change it. That is ...


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