• Fake or Fact? How to Recognize

    28.11.2021 11:05 

    They say that lies will bypass the hemisphere before the truth has time to put on shoes. The reasons for spreading false information can be different: from the desire to quickly raise the channel or site rating to the imposition of the desired point of view. The first thing that makes a fake - causes ...

  • Our Favorite Holiday

    23.11.2021 09:48 

    New Year and birthday are favorite dates for both children and adults. The researchers believe that the tradition of celebrating birthdays appeared in Ancient Egypt among the nobles: pharaohs and their heirs. The members of the Easy English for Kids speaking club had a small party on this occasion. During ...

  • Storytelling in English

    22.11.2021 14:57 

    Storytelling is a popular way to develop imagination and creative thinking. Its use is effective when learning English; the members of the English Speaking club thus intensify their knowledge. During the next meeting, those present tried the game Creative Co-authorship. Each participant wrote a few ...

  • The Project "Information Comfort Area" Continues

    17.11.2021 15:24 

    The next event of the «Information Comfort Area» project took place offline. The librarians visited students of Kherson gymnasium № 6 and told them about the concept of academic integrity and types of plagiarism. This information was especially relevant for high school students because they ...

  • STOP Inattention

    16.11.2021 15:32 

    The meetings of the Easy English for Kids speaking club take place every Sunday, and this week the tasks were aimed at developing attention. The club members agreed that this is important because the attentive student is observant. He perceives the educational material more accurately, studies and works ...

  • How to Learn English and Resolve Conflicts with Neighbors

    15.11.2021 20:18 

    Language learning games are a great assistant in learning a foreign language. Communicative situations show whether we already know enough words and whether we know how to use them correctly. The topic for discussion suggested during the next meeting by Nina Kachmar, facilitator of the speaking club ...

  • Autumn English Party

    09.11.2021 10:45 

    Weather is one of the most common topics we can discuss in any company, even with strangers. That is why we revised the vocabulary related to autumn during the next meeting of the Easy English for Kids club. By the way, this season doesn’t exist in all regions of the Earth. In some parts of our ...

  • Suggest a Topic for Discussion

    08.11.2021 10:43 

    Speaking Club "English for Everyone" and its facilitator Nina Kachmar are always ready to meet our visitors. So, from time to time, the topic of the next meeting is chosen by the participants themselves. Everyone had the opportunity to suggest questions by writing them on separate sheets of ...

  • What Does Kherson Need?

    01.11.2021 15:13 

    So what does our city need? At the next meeting, the participants of the English Speaking Club spoke on this topic. The visitors suggested which businesses they would open to create jobs and make a profit. The most original was the social proposal to create a center for the elderly, where they could ...

  • Ghosts, Witches, and Other Spirits

    31.10.2021 15:30 

    The Easy English for Kids speaking club had its next meeting on October 31. Sure, it was dedicated to Halloween. This holiday has not become familiar to us although it is very popular with children. On this day, you should dress up as various evil spirits, come to your neighbors or friends, scare them ...