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Valentine's Day and More

15.02.2021 14:24

English language lovers! The Department of Documents in Foreign Languages provides all library users with the opportunity to learn and communicate in English. Therefore, we continue meetings with members of our clubs and course attendees.

A new group of beginners, who meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00, have just started training. Instead, Saturday's group, which has studied since October, already has more conversational practice.

The next meeting of the English Grammar club was about Continuous Passive and Perfect Passive. A difficult topic, but it's inspiring when you succeed in it. Do you want to overcome difficulties and make progress on the way to learning English with us? Then join this club, which meets every Thursday at 15:00.

We could not ignore Valentine's Day at our English for Everyone speaking club, as it fell on the date of the last meeting. We talked about the importance of the holiday for Ukrainians and thought about what single people do on Valentine's Day. In Speed English, which involves a conversation in pairs, we discussed the commercial side of the holiday.

Our young users, members of the club Good Reads, read Marion Mallette Thornton's story ‘Twenty Valentines’. The main idea of the story - to support sick children on this day - found a response in the heart of every visitor to the online club.

So don't hesitate - call, sign up and come! We will study English with you! Tel: 32-18-30.